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This kid is a homo

2009-04-13 07:31:06 by residentevil6

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This kid is a homo

grand brawl 2 ?

2008-02-09 17:51:15 by residentevil6

hi every one

hope you liked my flash yes i am making an another and it will come out after some time grand brawl was originally only going to be a one time ting but i am going to make 2 maybe 3 i am not to sure about the. Series right now i liked making the first one the next on will be in a snow land and shit like that xD
My plan is that you like them and will vote 5 or 4 hopefully :D .

now here is my answerers were i get the sound from for most of the fight sound i got from dragon ball z the gba game and the other are from sonic adventure 2 battle and rpg maker for the punch sound effects.
As that will answer what i sound i used and i will make a Q,N,A soon so you can get the sites that i use to get them. I will just explain what the story is.
it actually will unfold soon ;)

Well the plot is about there is a cyber world in witch a guy called Shane is froce to do battle with many foes and must do combat or they will die and bla bla you get it.
Now in the 2nd one how ever once Shane has killed all the foes eg, 54 and then he travel on a train to
chaos city to kill the next 101 foes yes you hear me or read me 101 foe none text lol.
and you will like it he o on a snow board anyway i will not tell you any more it will come out done spam me all the time with this i will try to make for the 21st of feb if i can not i will make it for march
so then you shall be happy :)
Any way i hope you like the 1st one and don't worry the 2nd one it shall be done soon by the way i have a sonic cartoon i am working on at the moment so feel free to check it out when it come out its called.
Resident the hedgehog meet Sonic the hedgehog and it shall be much like the adventures of sonic the hedgehog so hope you will like it o and it will have resident say or sonic says witch ever ya want.
Now i will possibly might make 2 but i am not sure guys any way.

i have to say i will start to make some more flash's in be tween so you can watch i not sure what i will make but it will be good :D Hopefully : /
and i will make a grand brawl game some day when i am good with making flash games and i sure you will like it.
Now i want to make this clear that madness did make me want to make a cartoon with Excessive Violence witch a lot of people like how ever i like to make them in my onw way by make them fight.

now i have not seen many stick men fights on newgrounds and note this people my flash in grand brawl ARE NOT STICK MEN! Duh so don't give me that bull crap saying hey your a rip off no i am not.
>:( ok because for one thing i don't use to many gun in may flash or weaponry and my men are not stick men they are what i like to call empty men :D
so there proof i am not a rip off plus this flash is actually a remake a of a cartoon witch i made a while ago well sort of its kinda both if you know what i mean any way moving on.

now i was going to make a sprite movie in the first place but i did not it was going to be a sonic on but it was scraped long story i tell you why in my next blog it shall answer you questions.
In fact i will show you what it would have been like like as a preview now note this did not make this so do not ask this guy saying why was it scraped i did not make this is kinda what i would have done.
and if i did make this it would have been better but this is good to the link is below

later FEGoUBW8

see ya


2007-08-19 04:49:33 by residentevil6

ok so ive shown all pics 4 now and i would like 2 say it going 2 b 15 mins long so i would get some popcorn mostley i would like 2 say when it will be out not this year but next .
but it all about luck and how fast we can do this k so get ready :D.